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#1 - Dec. 13, 2019, 5:28 p.m.
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hey all im working on my legion class mounts atm cause they apperntly count for the overall mount collecting achviment so i just recently did my priest and it did not give me any credit for my mount collection achivment… why is that ?.. like i’ve notice a few classes does count and others don’t …? i something wrong for me or …what?

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#4 - Dec. 13, 2019, 9:34 p.m.
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Class Mounts do count towards your mount collection, however the way the achievements work is by looking at the single character on your account who has access to the most mounts.

The counter would have gone up if your priest was that character, the one who already had the most mounts available to them.

Usually, not always but most of the time the character who ends up having the most is a paladin, warlock or death knight, as these already have additional Class Mounts even before the Legion ones were added.

Also bear in mind faction restrictions can play a big part too.
For example if you had 5 mounts on Horde and 3 on Alliance.
You learn a new Alliance mount so you have 4 there now, but the achievement was already showing 5 as that’s the most one of your Horde characters can use, you’d need to learn another 2 on Alliance for it to overtake and increase the counter to 6.

One last thing I’ll mention about the Legion Class Mounts, some of the classes can unlock extra colors, which count as they are seen as separate mounts:

Makes doing the Paladin Class Mounts more appealing to mount collectors as it’s got 3 other color variations as well.

I think these are still worth doing even if you aren’t a big collector though, if you have a high enough level character the Class Hall, Broken Shore and Class Mount questlines are all pretty interesting, some of them giving a really nice look into the classes.