About GC comments, am i wrong? READ IT

#0 - Nov. 3, 2009, 1:06 p.m.
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GC was a bit drunk i guess, seriously, idc remove Lay on hands, i really dont give a damn if its will be 9999 tier deep in holy tree, is retri has defencisve abilitys?

As far as i know Retribution paladin are just squishy by all means, we die WAY TOO FAST, there is no better target to nuke in the arena than retriibution paladin after he used his bubble, nothing, they just die, end of the line

So sorry GC, i am not judgingg your "very" skill in making games and balance, by me what you just said was 100% childish, make no sense of whatever you said in the past and sounds like a newb qqer with 17k hp who being 1 shot in bgs for the reason he is undergeared, but ofcourse! ret are OP!

How about frost mages? ever tried to beat one as retri paladin? ohh wait, do you play one?

Nerf the "OMFG 3 SECONDS DEAD" burst of all the spell cleaves, healer with 2 of of these: elemental shaman, dest warlock, frost mage, is one of the best combos in arena, seriously, i go and die in 1 global cooldown

1 vs 1 is indeed pain as hell for a warrior to beat retri and i guess you take a ride on it but EVERY CLASS HAS COUNTER IN 1 VS 1 SUCH AS WE HAVE 1 BIG NOTHING TO DO AGAINST FROST MAGES! DO BLIZZARD CARE TO NERF FROST MAGES SINCE THEY ARE SUCH EXTREMELY OVERPOWERED AGAINST RETRI? ARE THEY?! MAYBE YOU SHOULD NERF THEM ASWELL! but ofcourse not, they are not paladins, they die WAY slower than retribution paladins and have much better abilitys than a "bubble" sure they are "balanced" so lets buff them some more next patch, fail!

I want to see a single retribution paladin, not prot dps, a retri one who think i am wrong and not right.

This is crap, by all means crap, also nerfing sacred shield was patheric enough like you woke up one day on the bad side of the bed. was bored and decided to repeat what blizzard done before "TO THE GROUND BABY"
#2 - Nov. 3, 2009, 2:20 p.m.
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