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New Player realms
Normal/PvE: Alonsus
PvP: Xavius
RP: Steamwheedle Cartel
RP PvP: Sporeggar

Free Character Migration (FCM)
The below FCM is available until October 20. All migrations are faction restricted to improve ratios on involved realms, thus your faction is currently the less populated one on the destination realm.

From: Argent Dawn
To: Moonglade and Steamwheedle Cartel

Alliance only:
From: Burning Legion, Frostmane, Grim Batol, Ravencrest and Sylvanas
To: Burning Steppes, Magtheridon, Mazrigos and Vek'nilash

Horde only:
From: Al'Akir, Kazzak, Magtheridon, Outland and Stormscale
To: Burning Blade, Hakkar, Neptulon and Trollbane

Please note: FCM is opened based on realm population tracking and analysis, not by request. If you're looking for a specific migration (from realm A to realm B), you are in most cases better off using Paid Character Transfer, or you could end up waiting for a very long time.

Paid Character Transfers (PCT)
All English realms follow the regular PCT rules, found here: