Blink @ Blade's Edge Arena

#0 - Sept. 28, 2009, 9:35 p.m.
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Anyone else having trouble blinking on the thingy on the floor?

Lost count on how many games iv'e lost cause off failed blinks here

Also having problems at Ring of valor and Ruins of Lordaeron but they're not as bad as this one(And no i dont mean blinking into something, just pathing isses on the ground)

edit: Ruins pic where it sometimes bugs (Not the best screenshot though but you probably get what i mean)
#6 - Sept. 29, 2009, 1:16 p.m.
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Q u o t e:
There was a fix to Blink crossing terrain (such as indoor to outdoor) in 3.2.2. If you find situations where it fails, it's more helpful to mention those curcumstances than to just say it "always" fails.

True bugs, like this one, will get processed more quickly if reported in the bug forum. But again, you have to be specific.

[...] All rapid movement events on a client - server game are going to be tricky. Remember that in addition to having the client and server actually agree on where you are, we also have to bulletproof the heck out of that code to prevent exploits (anything from getting where we don't want you to go to outright hax).

Charge and Death Grip work more often than Blink because they have another character as a target. Blink (and a few other spells) target a location. Elevation changes or terrain borders (e.g. the infamous Warsong tunnel) can make the movement check more complicated.

The programmers did a lot of work on Blink (and related events) for 3.2.2 and more fixes are getting made even between patches. I'm just asking you to notice if it works more consistently without just falling back into the "hasn't worked in 5 years, mages aren't a priority" rhetoric (c.f. thread title) that doesn't actually give us information we can use.

Quoting this for visibility as this is a subject we have seen mages talk quite a bit about. As Ghostcrawler wrote, there were some changes to the blink mechanic that went live in 3.2.2. It would be nice if those of you who use the ability a lot could try to take note of how you see it behaving differently from prior to this patch, and to also note down locations and circumstances that are causing the use of blink to not get its' full intended effect.

This thread serves as a good place for discussions on this subject, so if you could please share your thoughts here rather than spreading them out into different topics then that would be very helpful to both your peers as well us "blues".