#0 - Sept. 24, 2009, 7:21 p.m.
Blizzard Post
Pimon Segg and Hark Meap, two young and mischievous Orcs, we're stood at the ostentatious gates to Orgrimmar looking for something mildly troublesome to keep them entertained. They had wanted to travel to Thunder Bluff to visit their equally mischievous friend Evin Keldon, but they had not enough gold to pay the Goblins for the journey, and they were afraid of crossing the Barrens alone without some form of escort or guard. Pimon was becoming restless.

'Hark, let's see if anything is going on down in Razor Hill.' said Pimon to his friend. Hark didn't respond verbally, he just nodded in quiet agreement.

They began to head south on the path that began within Orgrimmar itself, with brawlers left and right of them, practicing their battle tactics with each other. As they walked, they heard a noise from behind, quiet at first, but growing louder and in increasing clarity. The noise was bizarre, almost train like...


It was then they saw a snake of people leaving Orgrimmar behind them, forming what could only be described as a train made of flesh, walking in unison in the Durotar sun, headed in the direction of the Barrens. The two Orcs stopped in their tracks and watched for a moment as the 'Train' passed by, and looked at each other, impressed with simply how many folks were evolved in this random act of madness.

But hey, it looked like fun! They tagged on the back of the train, and joined in with the laughter and frolics of those in front. Moments later, more people joined on behind, old and young, men and women. This was the biggest organic train Durotar had ever seen, and it was headed off slowly into the sunset of the Barrens...