#0 - Sept. 22, 2009, 6:56 p.m.
Blizzard Post
This week on the WoW Europe Community forums:

Having levelled from 1-79 naked and unarmed, it is finally time for Gutrot to reach Level 80. A massive party is planned to celebrate this epic feat of Gutrot, and you are invited!

Which creatures would you like to see more of in Cataclysm?

What is the best methods of keeping a tidy guildbank?

Some guilds are having trouble recruiting good raiders needed to progress through content. What advice would you offer to guilds finding themselves in that situation?

Are you a writer and seek to have your some of your work published? If so, then we would love to receive your fan fiction for the Gadgetzan Times!

Guides, guides and guides!

Vaillefendre of Emerald Dream has updated the Death Knight Quick FAQ, which offers a quick glance of some possibilities on how to spec your Death Knight.

An extensive as well as excellent healing guide for Restoration Druids has been posted, a must read if you play a Druid and are preparing to heal in raids.

Kalitari of Defias Brotherhood has posted a guide on how to roleplay beyond Good and Evil. This will show you how you bring depth into characters by having good heroes commit evil deeds or having evil villains do good, and it will also tell you why it is difficult to roleplay a true neutral character.

Slappy of Frostmane has posted a guide on how to get the mobile authenticator to work on most cell phones. Consider giving it a read if you seek to further protect your account.

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