#0 - Sept. 11, 2009, 9:10 a.m.
Blizzard Post
The recent times of war have been hard on the city of Silvermoon, and the once great and beautiful city is now scared and bruised after years of conflict. But the city still stands and its citizens are in high spirit. Silvermoon is being rebuilt and before you know it, the city will have been restored to its former glory.

But the city still needs business if civilian life is to be restored fully as well, but re-establishing trade with the outside world is a complicated task. Since Silvermoon is no longer the centre of the civilized world, merchants must be guaranteed profitable opportunities if they are to travel the great distances through dangerous lands. The citizens of Silvermoon know this, which is why they are doing their very best to make the city bazaar as attractive and appealing as possible.

The citizens of Silvermoon and the Legion of the Sun are preparing a great market day, dedicated to the strength and glory of the Horde, which will truly bring prestige to Silvermoon and re-establish the city as one of Azeroth’s major economic powers.

The harvest market will be truly magnificent. It will be an uplifting experience for spirit and soul, and it is guaranteed that dark times and troubles will be forgotten at least for a while. Merchants from every Horde territory will be present, and they will be offering all manners of goods, both common and rare, from both near and afar. A grand parade will also take place to show the unity of the Horde and this unity will bolster the hope for a brighter tomorrow.