#0 - Aug. 6, 2009, 9:43 p.m.
Blizzard Post
Arcanist Janeda was stood in the Sanctum of the Sun, informing any adventurer that passed by to go and visit the Apothecary in Tranquillien, in order to help the local efforts in freeing prisoners from Deatholme. Today had been a quiet day for her. She had seen many folk walk by, but they were not dressed as adventurers and they certainly didn’t look like they had the time spare to help with her quest to free the captive locals from the Scourge. The passersby we’re all transporting various goods; some appeared to be fine ales and wines, as well as varying sized boxes all clearly stamped in red ink with the words ‘Keep away from open flames’. Other goods were also being ferried past the Sanctum to the east, but she could not work out what they were. As the day began to turn into evening, she became more curious as to what was happening east of the Sanctum. She knew Zul’Aman was there, but these folks appeared completely unequipped to handle the perils that would await them on the other side of the gates.

The stream of people had not stopped for the past few hours, and people of all races had walked by and they all sounded very excited. She turned to Magister Idonis whom was stood beside her.

‘Magister, who are these people, and have you any idea what is going on?’ she asked. ‘I’ve no idea, Janeda, but should your curiosity become unbearable, I will join you in seeing what all the fuss is about.’ He replied.

With that Jadena grabbed Idonis’ arm and walked towards the path to join the crowds whom were heading towards Zul’Aman. Up ahead in the distance they could see various hues of illumination breaking throw the gaps in the trees. She could see some of the folk around her were holding brightly coloured flyers, and asked the smartly dressed lady walking beside her ‘May I read this?’ She was handed the flyer without hesitation, and began to read.

‘You are hereby invited to join us at a dazzling and spectacular Firework and Dance show – All are invited -- Join us at the gates of Zul'Aman!’