Leveling Spec. Guide. (Updated with Fire)

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I have noticed that there is like 10 new posts every day with the topic "Hey Im new, what spec should I level with?"
This is very understandable as it is not easy to know with a new class, and it certainly has a significant impact on your leveling effeciency.

I therefore decided to try and make a little list of what I, personally, feel would be the most effecient leveling spec.
-Please feel free to comment if you dont agree with me, all alterations I make will be credited to the mage posting the suggestion-

This will be a frost spec, even though some people think fire is more fun, frost is the most effecient due to the increased mana effeciency and its kiting aspect (also it has higher survivability as you level up).

It is possible that I will add a fire and even arcane leveling spec later.

I know spec is very subjective, therefore I stress it is my point of view. For example, after teh first eight points, some people would rather put 3 points into permafrost rather than frostbite.

Following is the list point by point what I think you should spec as you level up (meaning you put talents into that "box" untill you reach the amount I wrote. E.g. "5 points - Improved frostbolt" means that you put your talent points from level 10-14 into this, before you move on to the next one)

5 points into "Improved Frostbolt" - This is your main ability, important to lower the cast time
3 points into "Precision" - Hit is always important and reduced mana cost means less down time
3 points into "Frostbite" - 15% chance to freeze target is quite usefull and a proc in a bad situation (especially with multiple mobs) can save you.
1 point into "Icy Veins" - While I realize this is a cooldown, it only cost one point and can be useful if you try to solo elites for example.
1 point into "Improved Blizzard" - It is usefull when you pull the odd 5 mobs by accident, to slow them all down and get away (I only put one untill now, as youre only level 22 and probably dont have quite the mana pool to aoe grind yet)
3 points into "Permafrost" - Slowing is the major strength of the frost tree.
3 points into "Piercing Ice" - This is a flat % dmg increase, which simply helps you kill stuff faster
3 points into "Frost Channeling" - This reduces mana cost and thereby downtime
1 point into "Cold Snap" - This is only one point, which gives you a powerfull cooldown
2 points into "Arctic Reach" - This allows you to put more distance between you and the mob(s), which is quite useful
3 points into "Winters Chill" - Gives you flat 3% crit and is usefull against mobs with more hp and very good if youre running instances.
2 points into "Ice Shards" - Increases your critical damage
1 point into "Ice Barrier" - One of the key strengths of the frost tree. Extremely usefull
2 points into "Shattered Barrier" - Can often save you if you have pulled to much and need to get away
5 points into "Arctic Winds" - 5% more damage and 5% "evasion"
2 points into "Empowered Frostball" - Gives you more damage and more crit.
1 point into "Summon Water Elemental" - Your most powerful ally yet :)
1 point into "Ice Shards" (you now have 3/3) - To get the last critdmg
3 points into "Brain Freeze" - This is a very cool ability, with a decent proc chance
5 points into "Chilled to the Bone" - Very powerful. More damage and more slow
1 point into "Deep Freeze" - Pure Pwnage
3 points into "Shatter" - Some people would take this earlier, but as you dont have ice lance etc. yet I dont tank it untill now
2 points into "Fingers of Frost" - Again, some would take this sooner, but as this is really a talent for shatter combos, you dont have ice lance untill the next level.
1 point into "Cold as Ice" - Congratulations, you are now level 66 and get icelance which is awesome for the (in)famous shatter combo

http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#oZZAccIkfu0sdgfot is what your tree should look like.

After this, the points become less important, and you have now played mage long enough to make your own choices, which is based very much on personal preferences.

In case you dont. You could spend points something like this:
1 point "Cold as Ice"
3 points "Enduring Winter"
3 points "Ice Floes"
2 points "Improved Blizzard"

last 5 points really dont matter this much and many will also chose to switch to FFB spec, since you are now lvl 75, where you learn this.

I hope this will be of some use to you new mages.

Feedback is appreciated.

Thank you



First question: Why would I want to level as fire? Everone says frost is much better?
Yes, frost is arguably faster/more mana effecient etc. But some people just love fire, cause they simply think its more fun.
I can understand the argument, and it is sometimes more fun to play the "glasscanon". Fire while leveling will give you more down time, but will also produce higher numbers.
I would always level as frost personally, but I will attempt to make this guide anyways:

The format is the same as the above frostguide:

1-5 Points "Improved Fireball" - This is your main offensive ability, reducing the cast time is essential.
1-5 Points "Ignite" - This is a considerable damage boost.
1 Point in "Pyroblast" - This is a powerfull spell, however very expensive (22% base mana) and with a long cast time.
2 Points "Burning Soul" - As fire you dont have the kiting element, and will often be hit while casting, so a 70% reduction of lost cast time is desirable
2 Points in "Impact" - Gives you a 7% chance to get another "stun button"
3 Points in "Improved Scorch" - Not so much for the applied debuff (no point in stacking this on single mobs) but rather for the 3% fireball crit
2 Points in "Master of Elements" - Returns mana on crit, reducing down time
1 Point in "Blast wave"
1 Point in "Master of Elements" (you now have 3/3)
3 Points in "Critical Mass" -Adds 6% crit to all your fire spells
5 Points in "Fire Power" - Adds 10% damage to all your fire spells, very nice damage boost
1 Point in "Combustion" - Powerfull Cooldown for only one point
2 Points in "Blazing Speed" - While these points dont provide any damage modifiers, beeing a fire mage, one of your problems is the mobs reaching you, and the 10% chance to get run speed for as much as 8seconds will often come in handy in my opinion.
2 Points in "Molten Fury" - Gives you a 12% flat damge boost to the last 35% of the mobs health, meaning fewer casts needed, meaning less mana spent (and bigger numbers to make you happy :))
2 Points in "Fiery Payback" - While this beyond lvl 80 is completely useless, it is a powerfull defence mechanism for the lvling "glasscanon"
3 Points in "Empowered Fire" - Increases your spellpower by 15%
1 Point in "Dragon's Breath" - Powerfull Spell for just one point
3 Points in "Hot Streak"
1 Point in "Pyromanic" - I dont chose Firestarter for the reason that for purposes of solo lvling, you will rarely be fighting enough mobs at one time to make the mana cost of flamestrike worth it.
5 Points in "Burnout" - Gives you nice big fat crits, increasing the wonderful feeling of playing fire.
1 Point in "Living Bomb" - You might not use it that much while solo levling, but it is only one point for a cool spell.
2 Points in "Pyromaniac" (Now have 3/3)
3 Points in "Playing with Fire" - This is a powerfull talent, and some people might chose to take it sooner. I have not due to the dmgtaken increase (which some argue can be quite neglible, and I do agree to a certain extend), and I was very much in doubt. But chose not to cause I thought alternatives were more attractive. -Purely a matter of preference.
3 Points in "World in Flames" - Increases the crit chance of, amongst other things, your pyroblast, which you now use more frequently due to hot streak.

Your tree should look like this: http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#oZ0EcMRhIuiurhst

You are now level 68 and should have a pretty good grasp of the class and the spec, and to be honest after this point it doesnt really matter to much where you put your talents point, simply put them in a matter that fits your playstyle.
As a rough draft you could spec:
3 Points "Incineration"
1 Point "Impact"
2 Points "Flame Throwing"
2 Points "Firestarter"
2 Points "Molten Shields"
2 Points "Improved Fire Blast"

I know some people might comment on the fact that I dont spec pyromaniac earlier, but it is because I deem the natural mana regen rate for mages neglible.

I only ever leveled as frost myself, so this guide is just based on my general knowledge of the tree and the leveling experience as a mage.

Feedback is highly appreciated.

Epiphany (www.epiphanyguild.com)
Twilight's Hammer -EU
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I wish we could do this for you, but unfortunately we can't :-(

The next best thing would be for you to create a new thread, where you reserve a number of posts for future updates. If you do this, we can replace the link in the sticky compilation so that it points to the new thread :-)
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