#1 - May 27, 2022, 6:52 p.m.
Blizzard Post

May 15, 2023

Beta Update 0.9.5 is here with more Talents, more Zones, and most importantly MORE CHAOS!

Player versus Player

We recognized that new players could get matched against veteran players, especially in the early ladder. Until players reach Silver, all their armies will be capped at level 1, and their Honor level calibrates for their introductory games.

  • PvP now unlocks at 8 Skulls, from 12.
  • PvP Tiers now have more rewards!
    • There are now 3 rewards per rank instead of 1.
  • The Honor track has been improved.
    • Rewards can now be claimed right on the track.
    • Players will now see a badge when unclaimed rewards are waiting.
  • Seasons are now 6 weeks long instead of 3 weeks long.


A faster Campaign journey means players get into the CHAOS sooner! We’ve made some changes, such as streamlining early missions, unlocking many features earlier in the player’s jouney, and more!

  • The Progress Tracker now advances for any Map victory.
  • Zones now advance one level per zone instead of two.
  • New Zones!
    • Hinterlands and Darkshore have been added!
  • We looked at XP and did a tuning pass to make Quests more lucrative by lowering the Quest cap and adjusting XP tables.


  • Baron Rivendare
    • Health increased to1040, from 940.


  • Abomination
    • Health increased to 3400, from 2900.
  • Bat Rider
    • Flaming Pool damage increased to 50, from 46.
  • Darkspear Troll
    • Attack Speed increased to 1.2, from 1.4.
  • Fire Elemental
    • Health increased to 1640, from 1520.
  • Footmen
    • Health increased to 800, from 700.
  • Ghoul
    • Health increased to 1040, from 960.
  • Gryphon Rider
    • Attack Speed increased to 1.1, from 1.2.
  • Harvest Golem
    • Health increased to 1480, from 1400.
  • Molten Giant
    • Health increased to 2900, from 2500.
  • Plague Farmer
    • Poison Damage increased by 33%.
  • Quilboar
    • Health reduced to 780, from 840.
  • Skeleton Mage
    • Attack Speed increased to 1.4, from 1.5.
  • Skeleton Warrior
    • Attack Speed increased to 1.4, from 1.5.
  • Stonehoof Tauren
    • Health increased to 1720, from 1620.
  • Warsong Grunts
    • Health increased to 1720, from 1620. Damage increased to 80, from 70.
  • Warsong Raider
    • Health increased to 1340, from 1240.


  • 3rd Talents are here!

Features and Systems

  • Quest rewards have been changed to Daily Rewards.
    • We’re changing the current Quest reward track to “Daily Rewards”, which functions similarly, but provides players credit for completing Campaign Missions, Conquests, PvP matches, Arclight Surge, and Quests.
  • Arclight Surge dual Families have been significantly redesigned to be a synergistic army featuring two Leaders from different Families.
  • Improvements have been made to the Free Gift:
    • Free Gift XP is available every 4 hours, if you do not claim it will accrue in the background at full value up to 24 hours, after which it will continue to accrue, but more slowly.
    • Free Gifts can proc a higher rarity with Coin and Big Red Button bonus rewards.
  • Big Red Button is a new feature that allows players to refresh the G.R.I.D.

User Interface and Accessibility

  • Minis can now be filtered in your Inventory by Trait.

For more information check out the 0.9.5 articles found here: https://news.blizzard.com/en-us/warcraftrumble/23944893

Beta Update

December 9, 2022

Greetings Rumblers! We have some tuning and bug fixes for you in update

Balance and Tuning

  • Arclight Surge
    • Combo Army modifiers will now use your equipped Talents for Minis in the premade army. This includes Talents in your currently equipped army and entire collection.
  • Old Murk-Eye
    • Cost increased to 4, from 3.
  • Dark Iron Miner
    • Cost reduced to 2, from 3. Now has Cycle trait.
  • Gargoyle
    • Damage reduced to 250, from 300.
  • Jaina
    • Now has a Squad Valor slot, Armored Valor slot removed.
  • Hogger
    • Now has a Ranged Valor slot, Tank Valor slot removed.
  • Campaign and Quest maps have been tuned, especially maps deeper into the Campaign.

Bug Fixes

  • Arclight Surge
    • Some Gold Veins were not properly being affected by Dragon’s Hoard.
    • Sappertime will no longer spawn a pair of Sappers per boss for maps with more than one boss target.
  • PvP
    • Arathi Basin no longer has different starting switch directions for each player.
  • Old Murk-Eye
    • Playing a second Old Murk-Eye should no longer cancel March of the Murlocs.
    • Fixed a bug where playing Minis too quickly after Old Murk-Eye would cause March of the Murlocs to not trigger.
  • Rend
    • Rend’s stat page is now displayed in the correct order.
  • Warsong Grunts
    • Now correctly has the Tank trait.
  • Blizzard
    • Cold Snap Talent now freezes enemies for 5 seconds as intended, instead of 10.

User Interface and Accessibility

  • Fixed a variety of typos
  • Fixed visual bugs relating to quick successive casts of Raptors and Arcane Blast.
  • Many other polish and performance bugs.

Beta Update 0.9.4

November 16, 2022

Get ready to rumble with other players in our PvP update! Arclight Rumble’s PvP system leverages many maps, towers, and modifiers to tumble the meta and keep players on their toes! Update 0.9.4 also features a new collectible Beast Leader: Old Murk-eye, Coins awarded from gaining player levels, and more! We will continue to expand our Beta audience through the end of the year and will be adding more countries in the process.

Player versus Player

PvP has been overhauled and features an initial set of maps, towers, and modifiers that will shift over time to encourage the meta to ebb and flow. Our goal is to keep the meta fresh primarily by changing the play space, and only rebalancing Mini stats when they are consistently over or under-performing in different PvP settings. Season 1 started on November 13, 2022, at 1:00 UTC.

  • Seasons and Maps
    • Each PvP season in Beta will last 3 weeks. On a given week, there will be a specific map, tower, and modifier.
    • Each week, one of the 3 PvP slots will advance, such that each map, tower or modifier is active for 3 weeks. Maps are the defining slot for each season. On week two, the tower slot will advance. On week 3, the modifier slot will advance. And finally, as week 3 concludes and rolls over to the next season, the map slot will advance, keeping the existing tower and modifier until their weeks in the new season arrive.
      • Note: Our current plan for post-Beta is for seasons to last 6 weeks, with 2 weeks per configuration, but in Beta we’re doubling the pace for more feedback on the varieties and combinations of maps, towers, and modifiers.
    • Our debut set includes 4 maps, 3 towers, and 4 modifiers, which allows us the ability to create unique metas for many seasons in a row and allows us to expand meta combinations with each map, tower and modifier that we add.
      • Modifiers currently oscillate between Clean Fight (no modifier) and a modifier that changes gameplay, in order to not have PvP diverge too much from the base game. We’d love to hear community feedback about this approach.

Leaders, Levels, and Honor

  • Matchmaking is now implemented, and each Leader will have their own Honor rating, which will be used to match players of a similar PvP prowess with a given Leader.
  • Account Honor measures a player’s overall PvP abilities, combining their top 3 Leaders into a single Account Honor value.
    • Top 3 Leader Honor scores can be from the same family.
  • There are claimable one-time Rewards up to 9000 Honor, and recurring Seasonal Rewards from 10,000 to 20,000 Honor.
  • At the end of each season, Honor ratings for Leaders above 3000 will be reduced to re-level the playing field as a new map comes into rotation and allowing Players to battle to earn their Seasonal Rewards.
  • All Minis in PvP are set to Level 1 in terms of XP. Bonuses from Talents and Valor Slots do apply, making the effective level range in PvP 1-7.

Features and Systems

  • Gaining a Player Level will now grant 50 Coins in addition to XP bonuses! This grant is affected by the Arclight Booster and bonus Coins will be banked into Arclight Boosters that have not yet been purchased.
  • XP curves have been adjusted to make the middle of the campaign a bit easier to tackle.
  • A handful of Minis will have their 3rd Talents early, for testing purposes.


  • Old Murk-Eye
    • New Leader! Old Murk-Eye’s passive ability is March of the Murlocs.
      • March of the Murlocs - For the next 5 seconds after playing Old Murk-Eye, spawn a Murloc Tidehunter at your base for each Gold you spend.
    • Old Murk-Eye also has 2 new Talents, available in the G.R.I.D.!
      • Marathon of Murlocs - March of the Murlocs lasts an additional 5 seconds.
      • Tip of the Spear - Murlocs spawn at Old Murk-Eye instead of your base.
  • Cairne
    • New 3rd Talent: Reincarnation - Cairne Resurrects once at 30% Health.
  • Tirion
    • New 3rd Talent: Lay on Hands - On death, heal one nearby ally to full Health.


  • Flamewaker
    • New 3rd Talent: Engulf - Applies Burn to enemies.
    • Heat Wave Talent has been adjusted to a flat 20% damage increase while we do some bug fixing.
  • Harpies
    • Windfury Talent has been changed to Talon Dive.
      • New Talent: Talon Dive - Deal double damage on the first attack.
    • New 3rd Talent: Infectious Swipes - Harpies gain Poison.
  • Huntress
    • Crystal Glaive Talent has been changed to Elven Might.
      • New Talent: Elven Might - Deal 50% additional damage to the initial target.
  • Smoke Bomb
    • Master of Subtlety has been changed to Strangers in the Night.
      • New Talent: Strangers in the Night - Apply Stealth to enemies as well.
  • Whelp Eggs
    • Whelps now spawn when Whelp Eggs are destroyed rather than on taking damage. This changes some interactions with Spells like Cheat Death and Execute.

Store Offers

We will be testing a variety of real money transaction offers with this update. Our goal is to make sure players feel value with the offers they choose to spend on, so please let us know with your actions and feedback where you feel there is good value, and what you’d like us to improve. As a reminder, all money spent during Beta will be credited to your account as in-game balance once beta ends, as detailed in our updated Beta spend reimbursement plan: All real money you spent during Beta will be made available to you as a credit of in-game balance to spend in the shop after progress resets and transitions to post-Beta. For example, if you spent $9.99 during the Beta, when you access the in-game shop in post-Beta, you will see an additional payment method with a balance of at least $9.99 that you can use instead of real money to purchase whatever you wish from the in-game store. This one-time in-game balance will remain available to you as an alternative payment option until you have fully used up the balance. You will not receive any other credits or refunds for money spent during the Beta. Subject to rights implied by law.

  • Arclight Booster: We are happy with the play experience of the Arclight Booster and the tremendous value it offers throughout a player’s Arclight Rumble journey. We also want this to be accessible for players, and so we will be testing various price points for it.
  • Coin Chest: Coin Chests are currently capped at 2 per week and provide both a catch-up mechanism and a way for players to fill out their collections quickly if they are ready for more. We will be testing different weekly caps during this update.

Beta Update 0.9.3

October 17, 2022

It’s time for Arclight Surge! Twice a week, two previously defeated Zones will overload with Arclight energy and create new challenges for you to overcome. Update 0.9.3 also comes with many accompanying changes to progression along with continued Mini tuning adjustments.

Arclight Surge

Some Surges will create a new map-wide change like triple income or powered up towers. Others change the army you must use to win! Ever wanted to know what it’s like to have an army with every Horde and Beast Troop? Ready or not, give it a shot! Arclight Surge will be the primary way players have of earning extra Coins in Arclight Rumble.

  • Two Zones will surge twice per week. Each surge lasts 3 days, starting on Sunday and Thursday.
  • Each surge Mission will award 40 coins when defeated and is affected by the Coin bonus from the Arclight Booster.
  • Each surge will alter two Zones, one with a map-wide Surge modifier, the other will replace your army with a premade army.
  • End of game XP will be awarded to the army you currently have equipped.

Features and Systems

  • Player Level will now increase per 20 Mini levels, instead of per 25 levels.
  • Common Quests will cycle after 30 mins, from 60.
  • Daily Claim rewards now consistently grant XP Tomes.
  • Daily Claim rewards now unlock at 6:00, 14:00, 22:00 PT, from 1:00, 9:00, 17:00.
  • Daily Free Gift now shows up once a day instead of twice a day, with varied Coin amounts.
  • Dungeons are now open Wednesday-Sunday instead of Thursday-Monday.

Arclight Booster

  • Arclight Booster will now bank equivalent bonus Coins earned from Campaign and Conquest missions and grant them in addition to the base offer upon purchase.
    • Coins earned from Arclight Surge do not bank bonus coins.
    • Developer Note: Unfortunately, we could not find a clean solution to retroactively apply this exact logic to existing players. As a one-time grant, regardless of time of purchase, anyone who has previously purchased an Arclight Booster will receive 1000 Coins.

Gameplay and Combat

  • Stun and Frost now have diminished returns on bosses, similar to Execute.
  • Poison now works on towers and player bases with similar diminishing returns.


  • Baron Rivendare
    • Default Valor Slot is now Unbound, changed from Fast.
  • Cairne
    • New Leader Ability! Earthen Might – Your other Horde Troops have 20% increased Health.
  • Charlga
    • New Leader Ability! Spirit Tangle – Minis in your hand share the same cost.
      • Developer Note: This ability separates costs and Minis into two different piles. Played Minis will place their base cost to the bottom of the cost pile and the Mini itself will be placed on the bottom of the Mini pile. At any given time, you’ll be presented with 4 Minis to play that all have the same cost. Sometimes you’ll be able to play a Molten Giant for 1, or sometimes you’ll play a Kobold for 6! Embrace the chaos!
    • Default Valor Slot is now Fast, changed from Bombard.
  • Grommash
    • Damage has been increased to 220, from 130. Health has been reduced to 1040, from 1400. Attack Speed has been increased to 1.3, from 1.5.
    • Blood Rage Talent has been changed to Savage Strikes.
      • New Talent: Savage Strikes – Grommash deals double damage to enemies below 50% health.
  • Maiev Shadowsong
    • Shadowstep now has a 5 second cooldown.
  • Sneed
    • Cost has been reduced to 5, from 6.
    • Health has been reduced to 1040, from 1120.
    • Leader ability Sneed Before Greed has been updated to grant 1 Gold when a Siege Damage unit destroys a tower, opens a chest or captures a meeting stone.
    • Self Destruct Talent has been changed to Pillage.
      • New Talent: Pillage – Increases Gold earned from Sneed Before Greed by 1.


  • Abomination
    • Now Hooks Ranged enemies into his cleave range!
    • Abomination will now deploy faster but will no longer stun enemies when crashing onto the battlefield.
  • Angry Chickens
    • Damage has been increased to 40, from 35. Attack speed has been increased to 1.0, from 1.3.
    • Move speed is now Fast, from Medium-Fast.
    • Boss Chicken Talent has been changed to Snackrifice.
      • New Talent: Snackrifice – Nearby Beast allies can consume a Chicken to heal themselves.
  • Arcane Blast
    • The Arcane Power Talent now starts at 3, ascending, instead of starting at 4 and descending.
    • Fixed a bug where Arcane Blast Talents were not using base spell damage.
  • Blizzard
    • Lasting Winter Talent has been changed to Frozen Fortress.
      • New Talent: Frozen Fortress – Blizzard also covers your base regardless of cast location.
  • Chain Lightning
    • Damage has been increased to 150, from 140.
  • Core Hounds
    • Health has been reduced to 1420, from 1520.
    • Guard Dog Talent has been updated to only work near friendly bases, towers, and meeting stones.
  • Firehammer
    • Blazing Speed Talent will now reset out of combat as intended.
  • Flamewaker
    • Heatwave Talent damage has been reduced to 20%, from 30%.
  • Gargoyle
    • Gargoyle is now a Siege unit and will no longer attack Minis.
    • Damage has been increased to 300, from 120. Health has been increased to 1300, from 840.
    • The Wing Buffet Talent now increases move speed by 33%, changed from, Every other attack is a cleave attack.
  • Gnoll Brute
    • Extended Chain Talent now increases melee attack range by 2, from 1.
  • Harpies
    • Health has been reduced to 150, from 170. Damage has been reduced to 140, from 150. Attack speed has been increased to 1.2, from 1.3.
    • Fixed a bug causing the Trinket Collectors Talent range to not match the Harpies default attack range.
  • Holy Nova
    • Damage has been increased to 150, from 140.
  • Prowler
    • Now dashes to its target to close the gap!
  • Raptors
    • Raptors have been redesigned and now function similar to Arcane Blast.
      • First tap, costs 1 to summon 1 Raptor. Second tap, costs 2 to summon 2 Raptors. Third tap, costs 3 to summon 3 Raptors.
    • Gained Trait: Cycle
  • Warsong Grunts
    • Squad size has been reduced to 2, from 4. Health has been increased to 1620, from 760. Damage has been reduced to 70, from 90.
    • Blood Pact Talent now lasts forever.


  • Dockmaster has been reworked and will now be found later in Elwynn Forest.
  • Geaulieu and Gazlowe have swapped positions in the Barrens.
  • Additional tuning on difficulty of Campaign and Quest maps.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow S.A.F.E. Pilot to show up twice in an enemy’s Quest army.

User Interface and Accessibility

  • The stats pages for many units have been updated to include Movement Speeds, dual Minis and Spell Advantage tuning.
  • Offscreen Indicators have returned and have been optimized for performance.
  • Visual effects duration for Inner Fire have been updated to last 5 seconds.
  • Mountaineer’s stats will now include himself and his Bear.
  • Rend’s stats will now include himself and Gyth.
  • Fixed some localization issues.

Beta Update 0.9.2

June 28, 2022

Developer Note: Patch 0.9.2 provides a handful of quality-of-life features, Mini and Mission tuning, and bugfixes while we prepare for our next content patch.


  • Fixed an issue that would allow Core Hounds to be healed from other sources when they are dead.
  • Fixed an issue causing heals from Minis to affect bosses.


Developer Note: The goal for Talents, with rare exception, is to make units better at what they are good at instead of changing their roles. Melee Minis with Talents that killed flying units changed their role a bit too much. Similarly, Talents like Meat and Bones changed unit matchups substantially. Lastly, the prevalence of stuns, especially passive ones from ranged or unbound Minis has been reduced.

  • Abomination
    • Noxious Presence no longer damages flying enemies.
  • Angry Chickens
    • Walking Crate health has been increased to allow for more hits from towers.
  • Bloodmage Thalnos
    • Death Coil has been replaced with Drain Life.
  • Cairne
    • Plains Running speed buff is now permanent.
  • Cheat Death
    • Leeching Poison has been renamed to Vampirism.
  • Drake
    • Drakes using Roost, will now more reliably roost closer to the center of towers.
  • Fire Elemental
    • Immolation Aura’s damage frequency has been increased; overall damage is unchanged.
  • Firehammer Dwarf
    • Blazing Speed will now increase max Fury stacks to 5 instead of granting a passive 15% attack speed increase.
  • Footmen
    • Shield Spikes has been replaced with Fortification.
    • New Talent: Fortification – Gain 30% additional empty Health.
  • Frostwolf Shaman
    • Stoneskin Totem has been replaced with Earth Shield.
    • New Talent: Earth Shield – Permanently grant Armored to a nearby ally with 1 charge.
  • Gargoyle
    • New Talent: Obsidian Statue – Gargoyle becomes a statue with taunt upon death.
  • Goblin Sappers
    • Crude Gunpowder burn damage and area of effect has been increased.
  • Gryphon Rider
    • Air Drop has been reworked. The initial drop now happens faster with a longer delay between subsequent potions.
  • Meat Wagon
    • Meat and Bones will now alternate attacks between summoning a skeleton and dealing normal damage.
  • Ogre Mage
    • Ignite burn damage has been increased.
  • Prowler
    • Den Mother has been replaced with Predatory Instincts.
    • New Talent: Predatory Instincts – Deal double damage to enemies at full health.
  • Quilboar
    • Bristleback will no longer damage flying enemies, damage has been increased significantly, and a short cooldown has been added.
  • Rend
    • Flaming Soul has been replaced with Legionnaire.
    • New Talent: Legionnaire – Dismounted when first taking damage. Gyth will continue to fight.
  • S.A.F.E. Pilot
    • Comin’ in Hot burn damage has been increased.
  • Skeleton Party
    • 5 Man replaces Cheap Shot for Rogue with Ambush.


  • Blackfathom Deeps
    • GrglMrgl
      • Two additional gold nodes have been added.
  • King Gordok
    • Has been tuned to prevent players from winning the map by ignoring the side lieutenants.
  • The Sickly Gazelle
    • An additional gold node has been added to the right lane.
  • Made additional small adjustments to balance, Campaign, and Quest missions.

User Interface and Accessibility

  • Restarting or exiting a match that would grant 0 XP will now skip the end of game screen.
  • Fixed some Mini, Talent, and Relic description bugs.
  • Fixed a number of tutorial bugs.
  • Fixed some bugs that would cause skulls not to be properly rewarded.
  • Fixed a number of visual bugs that occurred during the level up screen.
  • Fixed some aspect ratio bugs.
  • Fixed additional performance and polish bugs.

Beta Update

May 27, 2022

  • We are temporarily removing Valor and Talent bonus levels in PvP while we continue to build the matchmaking system. Talent powers themselves will remain in effect.
  • Fixed a handful of spells that were not dealing damage to towers as intended
  • Talent tuning, renaming, and bugfixes
  • Dungeon Relic tuning

Thank you for playing and giving us feedback!