#1 - Nov. 17, 2022, 5 p.m.
Blizzard Post

With the release of the 0.9.4 beta patch, players will get to jump into action-packed PvP rumbles. Arclight Rumble's PvP system leverages many maps, towers, and modifiers to tumble the meta and keep players on their toes! Update 0.9.4 also introduces coin awards when gaining player levels, as well as a new collectible Beast Leader: Old Murk-eye, and more! We will continue to expand our Beta audience through the end of the year and into next year as beta testing continues. We will also be adding more countries in the process.  

During the beta test, the PvP seasons will run for 3 weeks but are planned to be 6 weeks long when Arclight Rumble officially goes live. The first season of the beta began on November 13, 2022, at 01:00 UTC, and players will be able to earn PvP placements based on their top 3 leaders.

What’s in Store

PvP has been overhauled and features an initial set of maps, towers, and modifiers that will shift over time to encourage an ever-evolving meta.

New Maps

Prepare to battle it out in iconic Warcraft maps.

Three Tower Types in PvP

  • Dragon Towers: Cone AoE (Area of Effect) and plenty of damage up close
  • Guard Towers: Single target towers with Fury
  • Rocket Towers: Long Range AoE Bombardment

New PvP Modifiers

  • Clean Fight: No Modifier
  • First Strike: Troops deal double Damage on their first attack
  • Fortifications: Towers have twice as much Health
  • Gold Rush: Double Income
  • Hero’s Resolve: Leaders gain a level each time they are played

Beta PvP Season 1 Schedule

Here’s what you can expect for the first 3-week season.



Tower Type


November 13 – 19, 2022

Alterac Valley

Guard Tower

Clean Fight

November 20 - 26, 2022

Alterac Valley

Dragon Tower

Clean Fight

November 27 - December 3, 2022

Alterac Valley

Dragon Tower

Gold Rush

New Leader! Cast Your Eye to Old Murk-Eye

A new leader is joining the chaos—Old Murk-Eye.


  • March of the Murlocs (passive ability): For the next 5 seconds after playing Old Murk-Eye, spawn a Murloc Tidehunter at your base for each Gold you spend.


  • Marathon of Murlocs: March of the Murlocs lasts an additional 5 seconds.
  • Tip of the Spear: Murlocs spawn at Old Murk-Eye instead of your base.

Meet Your Match

Matchmaking is also now available with the 0.9.4 update. Each leader will have their own Honor rating, which will be used to match players of similar PvP prowess with a given leader. Account Honor will also measure a player’s overall PvP abilities by combining their top 3 Leaders into a single Account Honor value.

Honor Ranks

If you’re looking to climb the ranks, here’s how much Honor you’ll need to earn:

  • Little Spark: 0 Honor
  • Bronze Spark 1: (1000 Honor)
  • Bronze Spark 2: (2000 Honor)
  • Bronze Spark III: (3000 Honor)
  • Silver Strategist I:  (4000 Honor)
  • Silver Strategist II: (5000 Honor)
  • Silver Strategist III: (6000 Honor)
  • Golden General I: (7000 Honor)
  • Golden General II: (8000 Honor)
  • Golden General III: (9000 Honor)
  • Platinum Prodigy I: (10,000 Honor)
  • Platinum Prodigy II: (11,000 Honor)
  • Platinum Prodigy III: (12,000 Honor)
  • Dark Iron Overseer I: (13,000 Honor)
  • Dark Iron Overseer II: (14,000 Honor)
  • Dark Iron Overseer III: (15,000 Honor)
  • Truesilver Tactician: (16,000 Honor)
  • Mithril Calculon: (17,000 Honor)
  • Thorium Arcanosmith: (18,000 Honor)
  • Elementium Electrolord: (19,000 Honor)
  • Arclight Mastermind: (20,000 Honor)

Check out the patch notes for a full list of changes in the 0.9.4 update.

Get in the Surge

Testing continues on the Arclight Surge Feature. Here’s what you can look forward to in the coming weeks.

Arclight Surge Schedule


Army Types


November 10, 2022



November 13, 2022


Blood Sport

November 17, 2022


Dragon’s Hoard

November 20, 2022



November 24, 2022


Towers of Power

November 27, 2022



December 1, 2022


Glass Cannons

Don’t forget to smash that button to unleash some chaos and start your PvP adventure!