PVE Hunters are being ignored and silenced.

#1 - July 1, 2013, 7:37 p.m.
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There are several great threads for discussing Hunter concerns active on this forum right now. This is not one of them.

There aren't several great threads Lore. And we ARE being ignored, silenced and hated on by the dev team because of general ignorance or simple refusal to listen and actually *think about our ideas* before dismissing them outright.

The core issues with PVE Hunters have been completely ignored this entire Xpac. Since MoP Beta, Bestial Wrath has had a bug where it will not apply to Kill Command if KC is used immediately after popping BW. There is a slight delay before it will properly apply - has yet to be fixed.

Pet pathing is still broken on some T14 bosses, causing pets to despawn. Pet pathing is still currently broken on Megara and Durumu. Explosive Shot procs were changed to roll into each other (so as to not "waste" procs) yet we still have to hold procs, because they snapshot on the latest, meaning if we have a buff about to fall off, we still sit and wait. Yet Serpent Sting does not snapshot properly - meaning our dot behavior is completely inconsistent.

Pet control is consistently broken, and along with broken pathing at the start (and lately... the entirety) of tiers makes it nightmarish to DPS on certain fights. Combined with ever-changing rules for what pets do (and don't) trigger... such as on Spirit Kings... and it's a mess.

We've dealt with arbitrary, unexplained nerfs that are later given a huge post full of nothing but PVP reasons, and we're expected to eat it, with the promise of "more sustained damage", in an expansion where burst damage is vital for PVE progression. We've sat near the bottom of the meters in every tier, waiting for the +0.1 patch to make us viable, often too late for those of us in high-end progression guilds.


You HAVE ignored us. You call us an "echo chamber", you say we're demanding buffs only to get a raid spot. You tell us Marks is okay, when it's the worst ranged spec in the game. You tell us that "we'll get around to numbers, it's not time yet" - in the same day you tell Mages, Warlocks and Paladins exactly how they'll be compensated so they can figure out for themselves if additional changes will be needed.

The PVE Hunter class is absolutely a third-class citizen in the dev's eyes, and those of us who speak out and point out the obvious and gaping problems with the class get, at best, a snarky twitter answer from GC telling us we're wrong (despite mountains of data and real-world experience on our side).

I tell you to actually play a Hunter not to snark back at you - but to open your eyes. I challenge a dev on the team to *play a Hunter in a high-end 25-man raiding guild*. Look at your position. Think about where Hunters would be if we were Int Cloth users. Literally the only reason we have raid spots right now, at all, is that we're on an underutilized armor type (Agi Mail), and BM Hunters with BiS gear are useful on H. Lei Shen.

There's no guarantee we'll have the saving grace of being good on an end-boss next tier, and being carried for 13 bosses doesn't sound particularly enticing either. Look at the class. Look at its problems with cleave fights. Look at its struggles on spread out multidot fights. Look at how the gear scales, or how we struggle at the start of the tier.


It's getting old, and I really don't want to have to reroll just to get some respect or a dev who feels that we deserve an answer with regard to our PVE performance. Greg said "don't expect an overhaul" - but there is no other class in the game that I've played (mage, paladin, priest, druid and my latest... warlock) that is so desperately in need of one.
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#61 - July 2, 2013, 8:01 p.m.
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Here is one of those great threads I was referencing: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9377368613

I have also stated very recently that we are looking into Hunter concerns and discussing them.