10% AP buff to hunters

#1 - Sept. 29, 2011, 5:41 a.m.
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It's not argued by many that BM and Survival need some help. Right now BM is actually the lowest physical damage spec. Survival is third from lowest, only beating out BM and Unholy DKs. Put another way, ALL melee dps are better off than BM and all but one is better than survival.

Looking at those two specs you'll find that they gain most of their damage from attack power, particularly BM which also has a specialization buff to it's attack power.

On the other hand, MM doesn't gain as much from attack power. A lot of it's damage is based on weapon damage so it wouldn't gain as much of a benefit from the attack power buff.

Blizzard, this is a REALLY stupid simple fix for the discrepancy between the hunter specs. Not only would this really help BM hunters and help SV hunters a good amount, it also wouldn't do nearly as much for MM hunters.

On top of this, hunters are about to be passed by elemental Shaman, putting us at 8th place (edit: And feral around 10/21/2011, giving them two specs that perform better than hunters), beating out DKs (which will pass us with the AP buff if we don't get it) and retadins, so honestly all hunter specs need a buff anyway.

I'm not saying that we need to be top dps, but considering all we can so is dps can we at least be competitive at it?


Yes, I would love for our scaling issues to be fixed. I would prefer that to any band-aid fix that we could get. I would prefer some bugs to be fixed and for the trap launcher to be redone over any dps increase at all in fact, but we have to pick our battles. This buff should be something easy to get because we need it (particularly BM and SV), and because there is precedent; applying it to hunter as well should be just a flip of a switch rather than a rework of our abilities.


Remember that anecdotal evidence is worthless. If you think that hunters are fine and your entire basis for that belief is that you always top the charts in your guild then your opinion is wrong. One hunter in one guild could not possibly represent the entire hunter community.

(Thanks to Healinghands - Quel'Thalas)
Priest: 2.7 (2,2,2,2,3,4,4) all top 4's with 4 2's
Mage: 2.8 (3,5,1,5,2,3,1) all top 5's with 2 1's and a 2
Lock: 3.0 (5,3,3,4,1,2,2) all top 5's with 1 1's and 2 2's
Druid: 3.2 (1,1,4,3,4,5,5) all top 5's with 2 1's and a 3
Rogue: 5.7 (8,10,5,1,7,1,8) 2 1's and a 10
Warrior: 7.5 (7,9,6,9,6,6,7) no top 5's
Shaman: 7.5 (4,6,9,6,5,10,3) 3 top 5's and 1 10
Hunter: 7.6 (6,8,10,8,8,9,6) no top 5's and 1 10 - really? not a single fight in the top 5?
DK: 8.4 (9,7,10,7,9,8,9) no top 6's and 1 10
Pally: 9.1 (10,7,10,10,7,10,10) no top 6's and 5 10's

We see that hunters average in 7.6th place. Yes DKs and retadins are below us, but don't forget that as of now they will be seeing a 10%AP buff while we will not. In addition Blizzard has shown willingness to buff paladins (as seen by the recent hotfix buff to censure), while at the same time saying that "hunter DPS is fine, or even high". See also that we are almost tied with warriors and shamen, however warriors and enhancement will be getting the 10%AP buff and both enhancement and elemental are already seeing buffs on the PTR.
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#62 - Sept. 30, 2011, 3:21 a.m.
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Please keep things civil and on topic, gang! Thank you! =)