Lower level bg's skill balancing

#1 - July 18, 2011, 5:09 p.m.
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First off, I'm going to put this statement out at the beginning of this post because people are going to come at what I am going to say in this post from this vantage point. So here you go, I understand that lower level pvp is not balanced, that Blizzard has stated on multiple occasions that they are concerned with only balancing pvp at 85. I get that and while I disagree with that its not my game I can choose to take my money and time elsewhere. With that said there are some quality of life issues that they could do to make lower level bg's more saleable.

I am going to come at my assertion from the perspective of three lower level toons that I have some experience pvp'ing on in the lower level brackets. I will preface this by saying that I am a pretty horrid pvp'er and as being a bad pvp'er expect to do poorly in any pvp type environment.

The major quality of life issue that should be address is the what skills are available to lower level toons. For example rogues are given access to a couple pretty amazing skills pretty early on: Shadow Step and vanish. While I don't play a rogue I think them getting access to these skills early on is important, they play a big part of 85 pvp and thus people who choose these classes should spend a lot of time learning how to most effectively use them. In terms of available skills early on rogues are really well done. They have access to good damage skill (ok they can dish out too much damage but that's a different topic) as well as good escape and movement skills.

Looking at hunters (a class I did play a lot of in lower level bg's) they too have an interesting mix of damage and movement related skills. Arcane shot puts out incredible damage (again too much) and concussion shot along with their disorient skill (cannot remember name) and disengage are fantasic for allowing them to do what they do best... kite.

On the other hand looking at warriors they are kind of a weird class at the very bottom bracket of pvp. They are given good damage but have very limited mobility. Charge is a fantastic skill but for some reason is not allowed to be used in combat. This is silly at the lower levels they lack mobility.

I would like to give other examples but my knowledge is limited. While I know this sounds like a buff lower level warrior post it really says that the skills given to each class early on should be balanced around what are their defining traits later on that way right from the beginning they are learning to use those skills effectively.

Oh and yeah I will be specing prot at whatever level allows me to use charge and intercept in and out of combat dependent of spec but really this should be default for warriors.

To emphasize my point in the lower level bg's as a hunter I dominated. Me, I dominated as one of the worse pvp'ers in all of WOW I dominate as a hunter - that' just silly.
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