A Priest FAQ We Shall Build!

#0 - Jan. 6, 2010, 5:37 p.m.
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I'll be happy to compile & edit it, but I ain't writing it alone. Nethera promised us a sticky!


Please post questions & answers here! I'll just put up a few questions to get the ball rolling.

* Shadow weapon enchant
* Disc vs. Holy (general)
* Gemming (short version)
* Shadow "rotation" (short version)
* PvP - mooncloth vs. satin

Edit: we can create a link to off-site guides/blogs/resources that will make our new visitors tremble with anticipation. Send those along as well.

Edit: Here's a working draft of the introduction. It clarifies the intent of the FAQ, as well as the intended audience.


This is a set of Frequently Asked Questions. It is not a complete guide to everything Priest. It is for beginners & near-beginners, which means many of these answers may seem overly simplistic to more experienced priests.

This is by design.

The goal is to provide fast and reliable answers to get people on their feet and on the right track quickly. If you’re here looking for help, you can take the advice in this FAQ and be assured of getting a solid start. As you learn and get experience, you might find better answers that work for your playstyle. Some of these answers are in fact “correct” – not subject to playstyle considerations. Even that distinction you must learn for yourself.
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I like your initiative even if you did misspell my name. ;)
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Q u o t e:
@ Neth

Hey I would really (and I mean really) like to get my Shadow Raiding guide stickied. If there is anything you'd like me to change or add anything in order to accomplish that, please let me know on here (or I'm sure you can e-mail me) and I will do it.

Thank You.

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Q u o t e:


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