Community War Games

#1 - June 15, 2014, 3:16 p.m.
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The first Community War Games event, while a smaller turnout, was a lot of fun and we've decided to try to make this a weekly occurrence! The short story is that we get together and play War Games with each other, just to blow off some steam enjoying some casual, fun-focused PvP action. Trolling the forums is fun and all, but we don't pay a subscription fee for just forum access!

Here are the important details.

  • When: Mondays @ 22:00 EST (20:00 MST)
  • What: Fun, casual war games between community members. Which battlegrounds we play and how (ie, scenarios) will be dictated by the numbers and what people want to do.
  • Who: This event is open to anybody with PvP Gear and a minimum ilvl of 522. Having characters that meet the requirement on both factions will help in team balancing. If you wish to register your characters for this event, please post your character names, their realms, and your battle tag. Current list of registered players can be found here:
  • Where: Well, WoW, of course! But we'll likely use a couple of rooms on a public vent server.
  • How: Add me (trinith#1414) to your friends list and watch for the bnet broadcast. You can either ask me for an invite, or join the public vent room and ask for one there. If a match is in progress, please be patient... when it's over, we'll get you in!

Please come ready to play, help out, and have a great time. If teams look like they're really unbalanced, we'll try to shift them a bit so that games stay interesting. We'll also try out a few scenarios if there's enough group interest, so providing ideas and feedback will be important.

If you would like to be on the registered characters spreadsheet, please see the "Who" section above and post the required details here.

I'm looking forward to seeing you guys there. Please help keep this thread bumped for exposure!

Thanks! :)
#411 - June 25, 2014, 12:56 a.m.
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Hi all, this thread is being locked.

We respectfully ask that you refrain from name calling or any other sort of behavior that may draw the ire of your fellow posters and keep it constructive. Please feel free to recreate this thread for future use, but remember to keep it constructive.

Thank you for your understanding.