Nerf the raids

#1 - Feb. 16, 2011, 11:56 a.m.
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Okay youve proven somewhat of a point and you gave the QQDISGAMEBEEASYQQ whiners their share and made the raids nearly impossible, now gather your brains back from the floor and nerf them down again so people with a life actually are able to still raid them, and ofcourse people are whining their ass of about heroics being easy and ofcourse im going to get a thousand and 11 comments of me having to stop whining and heroics and hard look at paragon get a raiding guild nub so u can raid all night long cuz you proly dont have a job and a life like teh rest of uz lololol blah blah blah

Srsly cata ruined the gameplay for both PVE and pvp, give WOTLK back!! there wintergrasp wasnt a stuck up joke like tol barad (wich is significally horrible btw), there, raids wernt incredibly stupid like BOT and BWD wich are ugly boring and ofcourse way too hard. and belive it or not, pvp was actually more balanced back then, sure paladins where still healing and never losing mana, but other healing classes wernt either! now others are and paladins can still heal 1090 hours and not go oom.
as for the new lvling zones for 80-85, they suck ass in so many ways that its bearly even funny, if you got any good ideas left in you blizzard entertainment, it can either be shut down the game forgood or actually TRY to fix it and make it fun again instead of killing it even worse and worse and worse by every patch wich might come.

Now: inb4- kid-nerd-fat jokes-whiner jokes-troll-blizzard rules yay!!- LOL U WOTLK PLAYA!! no ive actually played since vanilla wich was crap too idk why people liked that- and many more pathethic flames people will give.
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#35 - Feb. 16, 2011, 4:04 p.m.
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It's fully possible to share differing opinions without resorting to insults and ridiculing other views than one's own. Closing this. Please feel free to create a new thread to carry on in a more constructive manner.