#1 - Oct. 22, 2022, 12:05 a.m.
Blizzard Post

Shortly after the launch of Overwatch 2, we discovered a bug that was causing console-specific career profile stats to be reset for players each time they played a game of Overwatch on console. This bug was due to the statistics data initially using any PC pool stats to build on instead of console pool stats, even if a player does not play on the PC platform. We have deployed a fix to this bug, and games completed on console platforms after the fix will correctly store statistics on career profiles. We are now working on restoring stats from Overwatch to all Overwatch 2 console accounts and will do that for all console players. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this bug, any stats from matches played since October 4 through October 18, 2022 will not be recoverable and will not be reflected in your current career profile. Here are a few questions and answers to understand how this will affect players.

Q. What data has been lost?
Any console-specific match stats, including win record, eliminations, damage, and healing, for both the average and all-time best that occurred from when Overwatch 2 launched to the time the bug fix was deployed on October 18th are lost.

Q. Are my stats from before the launch of Overwatch 2 safe?
Yes, all stats from Overwatch will be recovered and restored as soon as we are able. However, your data from perpetual modes, such as Quick Play or the current Competitive Season, will not reflect data lost from the time Overwatch 2 launched on October 4.

Q. When should I expect my stats from Overwatch to be restored on my account?
We are currently working to restore all affected accounts, however we expect it will take several weeks before we can restore Overwatch stats for all affected accounts.

Q. Does this affect my current skill tier and division in the console pool for Overwatch 2?
No. You will retain your current skill tier and division along with the hidden matchmaking rating that works behind the scenes.

Q. Does this bug affect my stats playing on PC?
No, all stats from the PC pool are unaffected. Those who strictly play on PC should see no discrepancies with their stats.

Q. Will this bug affect any previously obtained heroes, cosmetic items, or currency balance?
No. Any collected heroes, cosmetic items, and currency, including past items from playing Overwatch, will remain intact.

Q. Does this affect my progress in the Battle Pass?
No. All of your matches in this season contribute progress to your Battle Pass correctly.

Q. Will this bug affect my qualification for Competitive Play in Overwatch 2?
No. The Competitive Play Qualification challenge is separate from your career profile stats and will not be impacted.

Q. I never played Overwatch before the launch of Overwatch 2. Will this bug affect me?
Console-specific match stats from October 4th until October 18th are impacted for new Overwatch 2 players as well. Matches played on PC were not impacted at all, and matches played on console after the October 18th bug fix will record stats correctly on your career profile.

We apologize for any frustration this bug may have caused and for any lost data from your Overwatch 2 gameplay. We know that players look to their stats to improve their skill and that losing any amount of data can impact the gameplay experience for players. Moving forward, we will work to ensure that your future career profile stats in Overwatch 2 will be there for you to build and improve on.