#1 - March 24, 2023, 8 p.m.
Blizzard Post

For those unfamiliar, Calling All Heroes is our gender-inclusivity initiative aimed at supporting members of marginalized gender-identities. You can learn more about it at callingallheroes.gg, which is where you’ll find our mission statement and the pillars of the program.

As we look ahead after a successful 2022, we’re thrilled to share details of our first full year of programming! In the 2023-24 season we’ll welcome more heroes with more opportunities to participate than ever before. To accomplish this, we’re partnering with third-party tournament organizers across the esports space to create reoccurring opportunities with new and expanded offerings: the Challengers Series circuit and the educational Speaker Series.

Challengers Series 2023-24

CAH_Announce_2023_ChallengersSeries.pngThe Challengers Series will take up the mantle and replace the Challengers Cup, providing ongoing opportunities for members of the Calling All Heroes community to showcase and grow their skills.

The Challengers Series will function as a year-long competitive circuit featuring recurring qualifier events hosted by third-party organizers, with the regular season taking place from April to November 2023. The top teams at the end of the circuit will qualify for a Championship event hosted by Blizzard in February 2024, with a Last-Chance Qualifier to be held in January 2024.


Where to Watch

Challengers Series tournaments will be broadcast across Overwatch Esports and tournament partner channels. Stay tuned for further tournament announcements on where to tune-in!

How to Compete

All registration information and timing for these tournaments will be hosted here on the Calling All Heroes website, where you can also find details on where to watch and how to cheer on your favorite  teams. If you’re interested in participating in a tournament, please join our Discord and follow our verification workflow to get started.

First Tournament 2023-24

Raidiant will be our official partner for all Major events in the 2023-24 Challengers Series, and we’re excited to share that the first event of the season will be the Raidiant Heroes Major 1.

  • Registration
    • Starts March 24, 2023 and ends April 18, 2023
    • Click here to register
    • To participate in the tournament, all members must be verified members in the Calling All Heroes Discord
  • Competition
    • Takes place from April 21–23, 2023
    • Watch live on Overwatch League and Raidiant channels
  • Format
    • Open registration, up to 48 teams
    • Two-stage tournament
    • Stage 1: 48 teams, 7 rounds of Swiss Play
    • Stage 2: 16 teams, Single-Elimination bracket
  • Prizing
    • Circuit Points for 1-16th place
    • USD $10,000

Raidiant Founder & Executive Producer, Heather "sapphiRe" Garozzo says “Raidiant is proud to continue building on the incredible foundation developed last year by Activision Blizzard that was the Calling All Heroes Challengers Cup! We strongly believe in a future where everyone is represented in esports events through engaging live broadcasts, creative storytelling, and a welcoming community, and we believe that Calling All Heroes puts us on the right path. Raidiant Heroes Tournaments will be created by a diverse group of esports veterans, representing marginalized genders, who live, breathe, and passionately love everything about supporting and uplifting this highly important segment of gamers!”

Circuit Tournaments 2023-24

The Challengers Series 2023-24 circuit will feature a regular season from April to November 2023, comprised of seven qualifying events. These events are classified as either a Major or Minor event, with a unique amount of circuit points and prizing awarded for both tiers. Circuit Points are a new addition to the Challengers Series, and function to rank and seed teams throughout the regular season, alongside qualifying teams into the 2023-24 Season Championship.

For more details on how circuit points function, head over to our Season Rulebook.

Upon the conclusion of the final event in the regular season, the six teams with the highest circuit points will automatically qualify into the Season Championship in February 2024. Teams that do not qualify through circuit points will instead have the opportunity to compete in the last-chance-qualifier for the remaining two spots in the Championship.

See below for our current slate of Calling All Heroes events for the 2023-24 Season. More details on the Minor Event schedules will be shared throughout the year.

Regular Season (April to July 2023)

  • Major #1: April 21–23, hosted by Raidiant
  • Minor #1: May, TBA
  • Major #2: July 7-9, hosted by Raidiant

Regular Season (August to November 2023)

  • Minor #2: TBA
  • Minor #3: TBA
  • Major #3: November 17-19, hosted by Raidiant

Postseason (January to February 2024)

  • Last-Chance Qualifiers: January 19-21, hosted by Raidiant
  • Championship: February 2-4, hosted by Blizzard


CAH_Announce_2023_SpeakerSeries.pngIn keeping with our mission of providing more opportunities outside the competitive ecosystem, we’re thrilled to bring back the Calling All Heroes Caster Camp and expand our offerings to other gaming disciplines such as game observing, event organization, going pro, content creation, and more!

We’re planning to hold Speaker Series sessions on the first Wednesday of every month. Our first session will focus on Game Observation and be taught by the wonderful members of the Overwatch League Observer team! Like last year’s Speaker Series, this panel will offer participants the opportunity to learn from the best, submit a reel of their own observing, and receive review by our panel of instructors.

  • Registration: March 24 – April 4, 2023
  • Panel: April 5, 2023
  • Reel Review: Submissions will be due from April 6 – 14, 2023

To stay up to date and attend each Speaker Series session, head to the Calling All Heroes Discord 

Overwatch 2 and Overwatch League are thrilled to continue our commitment to establishing equity, providing visibility, and creating a community for marginalized genders, and once more we invite you to join us!

For more Calling All Heroes news and updates, follow us on Twitter at @PlayOverwatch@owpathtopro, and @overwatchleague.