#1 - Feb. 26, 2022, 6 p.m.
Blizzard Post

The Overwatch Empowerment Cup is a place for women and other marginalized genders to compete and grow their skills in a safe environment. This is a community-led tournament and initiative sponsored by Vite Ramen, who are dedicated to being allies within the Overwatch community. Equity in esports has been a long-time value for Vite Ramen’s CEO Tim Zheng, a former Overwatch player with Aggie Gaming at the University of California-Davis. Every Overwatch Empowerment Cup organizer strives to provide the community with a space where players feel comfortable and can experience high-level competition. 

Presenting a brand-new era of competitive Overwatch, the Overwatch Empowerment Cup will host its first-ever tournament on February 26-27. Here's when you can tune in to watch the competition! 

Broadcast powered by Monkey Bubble Reflash. 

Saturday, February 26 

  • Start Time: 10:00AM PT, 1:00PM ET 

  • End Time: 5:30PM PT, 8:30PM ET 

Sunday, February 27 

  • Start Time: 10:00AM PT, 1:00PM ET 

  • End Time: 7:00PM PT, 10:00PM ET 

The prize pool of $3000 will be split between the winners of the competition. The hope of the Overwatch Empowerment Cup’s community is to inspire other tournament organizers to create similar opportunities where their visions of safety, inclusion, and competitiveness are all recognized. Get involved in the community, elevate the voices of your favorite players and their teams, and make sure to tune in and show your support for the Overwatch Empowerment Cup!