#1 - Nov. 1, 2023, 6 p.m.
Blizzard Post

Last week, LE SSERAFIM released their latest hit single, Perfect Night. This song celebrates a night out with friends. The music video features all-new animation of fan-favorite Overwatch 2 heroes as they race their way to see LE SSERAFIM in concert. Now, the festivities continue in Overwatch 2, bringing new collectible skins and a limited-time game mode, Concert Clash!

Battle for Tickets to the Big Show!

Play as Dazzle D.Va, Traysi Tracer, Kira-Kir Kiriko, BB Brigitte, or Slay Star Sombra, who all need tickets for the big LE SSERAFIM concert in town in the new Concert Clash mode. You’ll have to outplay the antics and tough competition of Fawksy James Junkrat, in a unique 3v3 game mode. Your goal? Locate ticket machines that spawn throughout Busan and destroy them to collect tickets. However, if your opponents eliminate you, all the tickets you’ve collected are dropped! Once a ticket machine is completely destroyed both teams need to race to a control point. The team that takes control of the point will bank the tickets they’ve collected to add to their score.

Adding a little bit of mayhem to the ticket rush, Fawksy James will crash into both teams in an attempt to steal tickets for himself. You’ll want to stop him and take back the tickets and the stolen concert light stick he’s been hoarding! Turning in the light stick at the control point will reward a huge bonus which can clinch victory or get a trailing team back into the game.


The team that can score 25 tickets first wins their way to the LE SSERAFIM concert. Complete new challenges while you play Concert Clash or your favorite game modes to earn rewards, including 35,000 Battle Pass XP and the Fawksy James Junkrat Legendary skin.

Be the Ultimate LE SSERAFIM Fan!

There are  five new Legendary skins to add to your collection. Fearlessly lead your team with all-new Legendary Skins for Dazzle D.Va, Traysi Tracer, Kira-Kira Kiriko, BB Brigitte,   and Slay Star Sombra. You can buy any LE SSERAFIM hero bundle    for your favorite heroes and get the Legendary Skin, Spray, Name Card, Emote, and Victory Pose, along with a Weapon Charm for Kiriko’s bundle. Or show that you are the ultimate LE SSERAFIM fan with the Mega LE SSERAFIM Bundle, and get everything for each Hero Bundle.

  • Individual ANTIFRAGILE Legendary Skin - 1900 Coins EACH
  • Hero LE SSERAFIM BUNDLE - 2500 Coins EACH 
    • ANTIFRAGILE Legendary Skin

    • Choreography Emote

    • ANTIFRAGILE Victory Pose

    • ANTIFRAGILE Name Card

    • Kira-Kiramari Weapon Charm exclusively for the Kiriko LE SSERAFIM bundle

  • Mega LE SSERAFIM Bundle - 6800 Coins
    • Includes all five hero bundles

If you need to stock up on Overwatch 2 coins, we’ve got you covered. You can make a one-time purchase of 5,000 Overwatch Coins and get a bonus of 2,500 Coins*, which is enough to get the Mega LE SSERAFIM Bundle, for only 49.99 USD!  Or go on a fashion shopping spree when you make a one-time purchase of 10,000   Overwatch Coins and get a bonus of 5,000 Coins* for 99.99 USD! This is a limited-time offer available now through December 4!

*Bonus calculation based on MSRP of 1000 Overwatch Coins bundle. After promotion purchase or expiry, amount of Bonus Overwatch Coins in 5000/10000 Overwatch Coins bundle will revert to 700/1600


The LE SSERAFIM x Overwatch 2 event is now performing on your favorite gaming platform. Hurry, though – the event ends on November 20. If you’re attending BlizzCon in person this weekend, you can see LE SSERAFIM live as they perform Perfect Night and other hit songs on Saturday, November 4 at 6:15 PM in the BlizzCon Arena. You can also tune in for free to the official BlizzCon livestream at BlizzCon.com. After the performance, log into Overwatch 2, and you'll receive five LE SSERAFIM “FIM’s club” avatars, designed in collaboration with members of the band, to add to your Player Icon collection in celebration of their live performance.