#1 - Dec. 1, 2021, 3:48 p.m.
Blizzard Post

The decks awarded to new and returning players have been updated. Players who have been away for 120 or more days will be granted a deck upon login. New players will receive the deck once they are eligible.

In order to claim their deck, new players will need to:

  • complete the tutorial and the Starter Quest quest chain;
  • graduate from the New Player Ranks (Ranks 40-1); and,
  • return to the main menu.

It is possible that you may not see the deck in your deck list if you did not have an open deck slot when you chose your free Class Deck. You will still receive all the expansion cards from that deck (Core Set cards must be earned by levelling your account, but they are unlocked very quickly). If you would like to delete one of your existing decks, you can then navigate back to this page and use our deck list. From here, copy the deck code and build a new deck, using that code.

New and returning player decks are limited to one per account. A returning player is defined as one who has not logged into Hearthstone for 120 or more consecutive days.

Ferocious Felrattlers

Class: Demon Hunter

Combine sticky Deathrattles and fierce Fel spells for a dual threat. Power up Jace by casting Fel spells throughout the game.


  • 2x Fury (Rank 1)
  • 2x Illidari Studies
  • 1x Tuskpiercer
  • 2x Chaos Strike
  • 2x Far Watch Post
  • 2x Fel Barrage
  • 2x Razorboar
  • 1x Chaos Leech
  • 2x Devouring Ectoplasm
  • 1x Felrattler
  • 1x Felsteel Executioner
  • 2x Razorfen Beastmaster
  • 2x Felgorger
  • 2x Persistent Peddler
  • 2x Renowned Performer
  • 2x Skull of Gul’dan
  • 1x Death Speaker Blackthorn
  • 1x Jace Darkweaver

Out of my Woods!

Class: Druid

You’re barking up the right tree with this token-based Druid. Summon early Taunts and overwhelm your opponent by resummoning Greybough.


  • 2x Adorable Infestation
  • 2x Guardian Augmerchant
  • 2x Peasant
  • 2x Vibrant Squirrel
  • 2x Annoy-o-Tron
  • 2x Bonechewer Brawler
  • 2x Composting
  • 2x Encumbered Pack Mule
  • 2x Far Watch Post
  • 2x Razormane Battleguard
  • 2x Wriggling Horror
  • 2x Oracle of Elune
  • 1x Kazakus, Golem Shaper
  • 2x Arbor Up
  • 1x Greybough
  • 2x Teacher’s Pet

Dwarven Defense

Class: Hunter

Cast damage dealing spells to fend off enemies. Turn the tables of battle with the aid of Tavish, Master Marksman.


  • 2x Arcane Shot
  • 1x Defend the Dwarven District
  • 2x Overwhelm
  • 2x Resizing Pouch
  • 2x Tracking
  • 2x Wound Prey
  • 1x Bloodmage Thalnos
  • 2x Bola Shot
  • 1x Explosive Trap
  • 2x Manafeeder Panthara
  • 2x Quick Shot
  • 2x Wandmaker
  • 2x Aimed Shot
  • 1x Kolkar Pack Runner
  • 2x Venomous Scorpid
  • 2x Piercing Shot
  • 1x Rinling’s Rifle
  • 1x Barak Kodobane

Sorcerer’s Gambit

Class: Mage

Team up with Dawngrasp and become a tri-caster. Use Fire, Frost and Arcane spells to summon Dawngrasp and send a flurry of spells at your opponent.


  • 2x Flurry (Rank 1)
  • 1x Hot Streak
  • 2x Brain Freeze
  • 1x Devolving Missiles
  • 2x First Flame
  • 2x Primordial Studies
  • 1x Sorcerer’s Gambit
  • 2x Cram Session
  • 2x Ignite
  • 2x Runed Orb
  • 2x Arcane Intellect
  • 2x Ice Barrier
  • 2x Incanter’s Flow
  • 2x Fire Sale
  • 2x Fireball
  • 2x Refreshing Spring Water
  • 1x Grand Magus Antonidas

Knights of Stormwind

Class: Paladin

Defend Stormwind through unity and honor! Strengthen your minions with powerful hand buffs to overwhelm your foes.


  • 2x Argent Squire
  • 2x Knight of Anointment
  • 2x Prismatic Jewel Kit
  • 2x Righteous Protector
  • 2x Annoy-o-Tron
  • 2x Deeprun Engineer
  • 2x Encumbered Pack Mule
  • 2x Hand of A’dal
  • 2x Alliance Bannerman
  • 2x Catacomb Guard
  • 2x Goody Two-Shields
  • 1x Blademaster Samuro
  • 2x First Blade of Wrynn
  • 1x Blessing of Authority
  • 1x Overlord Runthak
  • 1x Battleground Battlemaster
  • 1x Highlord Fordragon
  • 1x Mr. Smite

Shadow’s Embrace

Class: Priest

Not all Priests are Holy. Claim the potential of Shadowform provided by Darkbishop Benedictus with this deck!


  • 2x Desk Imp
  • 2x Murloc Tinyfin
  • 2x Raise Dead
  • 2x Frazzled Freshman
  • 2x Guardian Augmerchant
  • 2x Imprisoned Homunculus
  • 2x Tour Guide
  • 2x Voidtouched Attendant
  • 2x Cult Neophyte
  • 2x Kul Tiran Chaplain
  • 2x Twilight Deceptor
  • 2x Wriggling Horror
  • 2x Traveling Merchant
  • 1x Voracious Reader
  • 1x Disciplinarian Gandling
  • 1x Darkbishop Benedictus
  • 1x Mr. Smite

Spymaster’s Toolkit

Class: Rogue

Go go Gizmo! Utilize the agents of SI:7 to collect sneaky Spy Gizmos that can surprise your enemies and swing the battle in your favor.


  • 2x Shadowstep
  • 1x Find the Imposter
  • 2x Prize Plunderer
  • 2x Secret Passage
  • 2x SI:7 Extortion
  • 2x Spymistress
  • 2x Foxy Fraud
  • 2x SI:7 Skulker
  • 2x Swindle
  • 1x Tenwu of the Red Smoke
  • 1x Wicked Stab (Rank 1)
  • 2x Greyheart Sage
  • 2x SI:7 Agent
  • 2x SI:7 Operative
  • 2x SI:7 Informant
  • 1x Battleground Battlemaster
  • 2x SI:7 Assassin

Command the Elements

Class: Shaman

Protect your hero with Overload cards until you summon Bru’kan. Then wield the power of the Elements as your spells cast twice!


  • 2x Lightning Bloom
  • 1x Command the Elements
  • 2x Guidance
  • 2x Lightning Bolt
  • 2x Novice Zapper
  • 2x Overdraft
  • 2x Primordial Studies
  • 2x Diligent Notetaker
  • 2x Perpetual Flame
  • 2x Charged Call
  • 2x Enthusiastic Banker
  • 2x Feral Spirit
  • 1x Instructor Fireheart
  • 2x Primal Dungeoneer
  • 2x Serpentshrine Portal
  • 2x Canal Slogger

Big Bruisers

Class: Warrior

Paying for big minions takes too long! Summon them from your deck instead to overwhelm your opponent.


  • 1x Provoke
  • 2x Athletic Studies
  • 2x Shield Slam
  • 2x Sword and Board
  • 1x Corsair Cache
  • 2x Minefield
  • 2x Bladestorm
  • 1x Bulwark of Azzinoth
  • 1x Coerce
  • 2x Heavy Plate
  • 2x Outrider’s Axe
  • 2x Rancor
  • 1x Brawl
  • 2x Cowardly Grunt
  • 2x Commencement
  • 1x Mo’arg Forgefiend
  • 2x Troublemaker
  • 1x Rattlegore
  • 1x Scrapyard Colossus

Complete the Ritual

Class: Warlock

Complete the ritual by sacrificing your life total to summon Blightborn Tamsin. Utilize Tamsin’s rage to redirect damage targeted at your hero to the opponent’s.


  • 2x Raise Dead
  • 2x Mortal Coil
  • 1x The Demon Seed
  • 2x Touch of the Nathrezim
  • 2x Tour Guide
  • 2x Cult Neophyte
  • 2x Drain Soul
  • 2x Unstable Shadow Blast
  • 2x Backfire
  • 2x Blood Shard Bristleback
  • 2x Soul Rend
  • 1x Spice Bread Baker
  • 1x Anetheron
  • 2x Barrens Scavenger
  • 1x Battleground Battlemaster
  • 2x Flesh Giant
  • 2x Goldshire Gnoll