#1 - Sept. 1, 2021, 11:28 p.m.
Blizzard Post

(Edited) We are deploying a server-side hotfix tonight to fix a rare bug that was blocking interactions with the middle of the screen. This hotfix will also resolve issues with the ‘Gift of Elune’ Mystery.

Tomorrow, we plan to deploy another hotfix to:

  • Add Deathwing back into the Battlegrounds Hero pool.
  • Add Leapfrogger back into the Battlegrounds minion pool.
  • Fix a visual bug that caused enemies to show the wrong tavern tier in Battlegrounds.
  • Fix a bug that treated Razorgore, the Untamed’s effect as a separate buff for each Dragon you controlled, instead of one combined buff at the end of each turn.

We will continue to monitor the issues to determine if any further steps are needed, and will update this post with any additional info.

9/1 UPDATE: Due to an unforeseen issue, Deathwing will not be reenabled tomorrow. Deathwing will return to Battlegrounds in our next patch.

9/2 UPDATE: The issue with adding Deathwing back to the hero pool has been resolved. Deathwing will be returning to the hero pool via hotfix today, as previously planned.

9/2 UPDATE #2: The hotfixes mentioned above went live as planned, but the issue preventing players from interacting with parts of the board was not completely resolved. We are continuing to investigate how to completely resolve the issue. Additionally, we have temporarily removed C’Thun from the Battlegrounds hero pool while we address an unintended interaction with C’Thun’s hero power. Finally, we are investigating an issue that is causing the August leaderboards to display rankings from September, instead of the accurate final rankings from August. We will continue to update as we have more information.

9/3 UPDATE: Our fix for Leapfrogger didn’t correct the issue entirely, so we’ve disabled the minion again until we’re able to reach a resolution. We’ll update here with more info on this later today.

9/3 UPDATE #2: We’ve fixed the core issue between C’Thun and Whelp Smuggler. C’Thun will be reenabled soon via server-side hotfix. For Whelp Smuggler, there is a small chance it won’t give a buff if multiple end-of-turn buffs from different sources trigger at the same time, but Whelp Smuggler will no longer grant extra buffs. We’re working on a more complete fix for Whelp Smuggler, which will likely go out in our next patch.

9/3 UPDATE #3: The issue with Leapfrogger has been fixed. Leapfrogger is planning to hop back into the Battlegrounds minion pool via hotfix this evening.

9/8 UPDATE: In Patch 21.2, we introduced a new system that made it so that new Battlegrounds Heroes would be guaranteed to be offered each game during their early access period (as long as anybody in that lobby had Battlegrounds Perks). The system was supposed to randomly split the offerings between all people in the lobby with early access, but we’re now aware of a bug that is making those offerings not random. We’re disabling the new system and going back to the old early access system for the rest of this early access period (ending September 14). We expect that the new system will be fixed and ready to use again in time for the next new Battlegrounds Hero/Heroes.

9/8 UPDATE #2: We’re working on an issue where chat settings are not being saved in the Hearthstone client. We’re expecting a fix for this to be included in our next patch.

9/9 UPDATE: We’re planning to deploy a server-side hotfix later today to address a bugged interaction between C’Thun and Maxima Blastenheimer. You will not need to download anything to receive this update.