#1 - May 5, 2021, 11:17 p.m.
Blizzard Post

Hey everyone,

As is expected of any major patch, we’ve had some bugs pop up because of the most recent 20.2 update. We’re aware of the bugs below and hope to have a fix for each of them in or before our next major patch. We’re aware of:

  • An issue where borrowing decks while challenging a friend is not working.
  • An issue where Glaivebound Adept can be missing from the Collection.
  • An issue where the Tavern Regular achievement correctly tracks prior progress but incorrectly marks the achievement as claimed if you’re over the completion threshold.
  • An issue where the achievement for completing Book of Mercenaries: Rokara does not complete.
  • Display issues related to in-game shop pricing.
  • An issue where Battle-Ready Decks won’t open in the shop if Dame Hazelbark was opened first.
  • A Battlegrounds issue where Tough Tusk’s Divine Shield can persist after a player is defeated.
  • A Battlegrounds issue where Vol’jin’s Hero Power Spirit Swap can cause Goldgrubber’s stats to reset every turn.