#1 - Dec. 16, 2020, 10:33 p.m.
Blizzard Post

Hey everyone,

We’re currently in the process of deploying a hotfix that includes the following:

  • Made several micro adjustments for card offering rates in Arena.

    • Dev Comment: Updated the appearance rate of cards to ensure class balance remains close to the ideal 50% win-rate. Specifically, the win-rate of Demon Hunter and Warlock should now be decreased. The win-rate of Druid, Hunter, Mage, Rogue, and Shaman should now be increased. The win-rate of Paladin, Priest, and Warrior should be roughly the same as before.
  • Fixed a visual bug that persisted on the board after a Corrupted minion had been destroyed or otherwise removed. We’re still working on a fix for cards that transform, such as Bandersmosh and Molten Blade.

    • 12/21 Update: We are now deploying a fix for the following cards that transform: Shifter Zerus, Bandersmosh, Molten Blade, Chameleos.
  • Fixed a bug that caused unlocked Duels Hero Power and Signature Treasure choices to revert to default Hero Powers and Signature Treasures after they’d been selected.

    • 12/16 Update: Players will be compensated with 150 Gold for every Heroic Duels run impacted by this bug between the launch of the 19.2 patch and this hotfix. Compensation for this is planned to go out within the next two days.

This hotfix will take place on the server side, so you won’t need to download anything if you’ve already updated to the 19.2 patch.