#1 - Sept. 12, 2023, 5 p.m.
Blizzard Post

The Old God was locked away, but we should have known its prison would not hold! Yogg-Saron's influence has been corrupting the Tavern since the beginning, and now its full power is unleashed! This is the end of the age of the titans; this is The Fall of Ulduar!

Fall of Ulduar, launching on September 19, consists of 38 new cards: 4 Legendary cards, 1 Epic card, 17 Rare cards, and 16 Common cards. Those new cards can either be opened in TITANS packs or purchased as a complete 72-card set.* Normal versions of the Mini-Set can be purchased for $14.99 or 2000 Gold. The all-Golden version can be purchased for $69.99 or 10,000 Gold. The Golden Mini-Set option also includes a bonus Diamond Legendary.

* Includes one copy of each Legendary card and two copies of each other card.

Anomalies Take Over the Tavern

Yogg-Saron's Anomalies could only be contained within Battlegrounds for so long. Yogg-Saron's faithful servant, Cho’gall, is coming in the Fall of Ulduar to unleash Anomalies on Standard, Wild, Twist, and Arena, too!

Cho’gall “corrupts” the game with a random Anomaly. The Anomaly effect is revealed prior to your mulligan and activates after the mulligan, but before the first turn is taken. At launch, there will be 20 Anomalies, each with an equal chance of corrupting the game, including:

In addition to Cho’gall’s effect, Anomalies will be active in all games for the first week after the launch of Patch 27.4. After that one week period, Anomalies will then be active in 25% of games until Patch 28.0. If you or your opponent (or both of you) have Cho’gall in your decks during these event periods, there’s a chance your game will be corrupted by two Anomalies at once!

Sow Chaos with Yogg-Saron's Tendrils

Yogg-Saron has sunk its tendrils deep into Azeroth and throughout the Fall of Ulduar Mini-Set! Chaotic Tendril is a card in the mini-set and there are ways to generate more Chaotic Tendrils for more chaos. Tendrils have a Battlecry that casts bigger and bigger spells as Yogg-Saron's influence grows!

Witness the Old God’s Power!

Watch out for Mini-Set reveals from Hearthstone, press, and content creators all this week as we prepare for Yogg-Saron's escape! Starting with Hunter:

You can see the reveal calendar and all revealed cards in the Official Card Library.

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