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2 flag Forums Going Read-Only Bashiok Hunter Bashiok
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11 flag Cataclysm Class Preview: Hunter Ghostcrawler Hunter Nethaera
2 flag Zods Repeating Longbow Breaking constantly Bornakk Hunter Serenia
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2 flag Why was Hunter skiped on the Q&A Eyonix Hunter Pheather
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2 flag Survival Hunter 3.1 Notes vs PTR Ghostcrawler Hunter Eleshakai
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1 flag How do I turn "prowl" off? Claudiog Hunter Gailis
15 flag Line between legit feedback and bandwagons Timbal Hunter Voices
1 flag Nerf BM hunters Timbal Hunter Veth
1 flag Blue responded to Del/bans on forums Timbal Hunter Evildiamonds
1 flag What the heck Timbal Hunter Phatb
3 flag Ummmm why was megatf banned anyway? Drysc Hunter Staabbyy
1 flag Grimtotem Spirit Guide still tamable? Drysc Hunter Saldar
1 flag Upcoming Hunter Improvements Eyonix Hunter Eyonix
3 flag Hunter Pet Issues Since Patch 2.3 Nethaera Hunter Glacia
11 flag WTB Double Trapping Nethaera Hunter Aeccestane
1 flag Petition: Feign death + Drink Nethaera Hunter Goodone
10 flag WTB FD Drink Nethaera Hunter Review
1 flag In 0.5 seconds I CAN do...... Eyonix Hunter Beardy
8 flag Additional 2.3 Aimed Shot Change Eyonix Hunter Eyonix
3 flag @everyone complaining... Good news!!! Kalgan Hunter Dragmasta
1 flag 2.3 Changes for Hunters Drysc Hunter Drysc
1 flag Quiver space Drysc Hunter Nevaelik
5 flag Hunters: patch 2.3 is upon us Drysc Hunter Velkyria
1 flag Greater Blessings on Pets problem Drysc Hunter Bikiniwax
1 flag Nerf Beast Mastery Timbal Hunter Maglore
2 flag [Patch 2.2] Hunter Raptor Dash Nethaera Hunter Busshock
1 flag PTR 2.1 Questions and Top Concerns Nethaera Hunter Nethaera
1 flag Hunter PTR Notes for 2.1- 4/13/07 Nethaera Hunter Nethaera
3 flag I have no 'feed pet' ability Datth Hunter Savvanah
6 flag Leveling talent Builds Nethaera Hunter Zuphreist
2 flag Levelling a pet seriously takes WAY too long. Nethaera Hunter Bunyip
4 flag Updates on learning pet skills w/o taming pet Nethaera Hunter Argento
2 flag A sincere thank you Nethaera Hunter Beria
10 flag Fair Question About Recent Change Nethaera Hunter Cownose
11 flag Plz fix FD Nethaera Hunter Mani
1 flag Again, NERF HUNTERS Sinther Hunter Renfrid
1 flag Happy playing the 'Noob" class ? Sinther Hunter Brizzantro
1 flag Huntards take no skill Sinther Hunter Tuhrell
2 flag Hunter issues (bugs?) Nethaera Hunter Ariang
4 flag " Freezing Traps will now cancel combat..." Nethaera Hunter Scootle
1 flag I have concluded that... Sinther Hunter Zomg
3 flag @ Kalgan Kalgan Hunter Andeatha
10 flag ATTN: Hunter talents are UP! Kalgan Hunter Eidetic
1 flag Might of the Scourge Tseric Hunter Tseric