#1 - March 18, 2016, 5:40 p.m.
Blizzard Post
These forums are filled with people who don't play the game yet insist on posting about it every single day, usually in a negative and non-contributory manner, and I think it's time Blizzard did something in order to maintain the quality of posts on the forum. My suggestion is to tie paragon level to the maximum number of posts you are allowed to have (for example, a paragon level of 1000 allows you to post up to 1000 forum posts; if you want to post more, you have to level up). Ideally, paragon levels on different servers will be taken into account, not to mention seasonal and non-seasonal paragon levels.

However, in order to not penalize brand new players, everybody needs to be given 100 free posts not tied to any paragon levels. 100 posts is more than enough to ask a whole bunch of questions and get technical issues resolved. By levelling to 100 (an extremely easy task), new players can easily double their allowed post count.

I feel that this will greatly increase the overall quality of posts on the forums. It makes people think more carefully about what they post, rather than spam out a single barely cohesive sentence and be done with it, and it rewards active players who, due to their playtime, are hopefully more knowledgeable of whatever subject matter they are discussing.