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#1 - Feb. 20, 2012, 3:12 a.m.
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Similar to my beta feedback post this thread will serve as a list of both issues I've taken note of, and those contributed by others. If you've experienced any one of the items here, please reply with something such as "I've seen/experienced 1, 3, 9", etc, and I will add a +1 to that section. If you want to contribute something that isn't here, please do and I will continue to add items.

I know the Bug Report guide says to make one post per bug but...if 28 people all create a post for the same bug, it seems counter-productive since it floods the forum with (technically) useless threads. If any moderators want me to pull these items out individually, I can, but I'm just trying to help with clutter here :-).

Performance issues:

1) FPS randomly halves while walking around world, doesn't seem linked to attacking enemies, using skills, breaking items, etc.

2) Occasionally (non-reproducible at will), severe delay (2-4 seconds) between the time I click on a monster and the time the skill fires. Additionally, some delay (1-2 seconds) between the skill executing and the damage/effect being applied to the enemy.

General issues:

1) Character/NPC collision is hit or miss (haha...). Some NPCs you walk right through, others you will path around. Examples - Cain is a ghost, but Rumsford is solid. This also applies to followers and pets (i.e. zombie dogs) as noted here - - though I can moreso understand follower clipping than NPC clipping.

2) Destructible item labels and models will stay visible for a short time after you've already destroyed them. It seems to be tied to either the click of the mouse, or the hover of the cursor. If I click an item (as I'm too far away to attack) and then release the mouse and move the cursor, it seems okay.

Edit: definitely seems connected to the click release - if you move the cursor away, the label still says visible.


Steps to recreate:
a) click (and hold) on a stump or rockpile, etc.
b) hold the mouse down until after the item is destroyed - the label will still be there
c) release the mouse button, label goes away

Similar post -

3) The door Cain's house is visible, even though the sparkling gold entrance way is visible behind it.

Screenshot here:

4) Character screen equipping items - This will not affect your player's model until the item is placed back in the inventory. In Diablo 1 and 2, this change occurred immediately upon removing the item (which placed the item into the "hand" of the cursor).

Screenshot here:

Steps to recreate:
a) open inventory
b) remove an obvious item (weapon, chest armor) from your paper doll model
c) view your in-game character - no change has occurred
d) place item in the inventory - character model changes

5) Sound effects do not trigger when origin/destination of the item are the same slot.

For example, if you pick something up in your inventory and place is directly back down, no sound effect. BUT, if you pick it up, move it over one space and place it back down, the sound effect WILL trigger. Perhaps this is by design, but if I'm rearranging items in my inventory or stash and don't quite get the item where I intended (that is, source/destination are the same) it's a helpful aural reminder to hear that you actually placed the item back down in its original location.

Separate post -

6) Lashing tail kick will display the ground effect (molten/cracked ground) even if the attack gets interrupted. I'm not sure if this is by design or not, but it is very misleading - I right click to cast the attack and see the start of the motion, and the ground turns gold/cracked, but if I was JUST interrupted by an enemy attack, no Spirit is deducted and the attack does not actually complete. However, the visual cue of the gold/cracked ground makes me think it HAS so I mentally move on until I realize, "Hey those guys are still alive."

Steps to recreate:

a) Execute Lashing Tail Kick when an enemy attacks you and interrupts the attack

This has been created as a separate post:

7) The hitboxes for enemies and destructibles are WAY off. Either too large, or non-stationary, or both. Example post here - And screenshot I took here: In my screenshot, based on Diablo measurements, I'm actually aiming ~5 yards away, if not more, yet the coffin is targeted.
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#5 - March 28, 2012, 4:16 a.m.
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Thanks Maldivia. BaTz, the reason I prefer one bug per thread is so my tracker can accurately count reported issues. A thread with 20 bugs counts as one bug, for example.

Thanks for the effort though. It would be awesome if you made new threads for each issue.