Collective Thread - Bugs with Auction House

#1 - March 24, 2012, 7:01 p.m.
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Thought I would create a central thread so people can post the bugs they have experienced with the AH.

So far I have experienced two bugs:

1) The sorting filters don't work correctly i.e. if you click to sort by 'DPS' by ascending and you want to change back to descending. It won't allow you. You can only click it once

2) I created an auction last evening, logged on today and its gone! Don't know what happened to it. It isn't in my history. Isn't in my auction listings (of which I have none). It has just simply vanished. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the item, besides that it was a bow, and I can't remember the exact time (I think it was around 7pm). But this is a serious problem if it occurs.
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#3 - March 24, 2012, 9:20 p.m.
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Thanks Dondorganes. VertigoSA, the reason for the one bug per thread rule is so my forums tracker can accurately count how many bugs are being reported in any given beta patch cycle. If we have three threads each with ten bugs in them, the tracker counts them as three rather than thirty. Also, it's very hard for me to moderate and respond to thread lists.

Thank you for your dedication!