A WD Compendium to the Grin Reaper

#1 - June 13, 2014, 2:53 a.m.
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06/17/2014 updated aps findings by Myrec
07/23/2014 added damage calculation and bbv info
09/05/2014 added Frostburn Freeze info
05/01/2015 added mimics are pets info

So you found this silly Mask at the back of the voodoo shack and are wondering how does it actually work?


The Grin Reaper is an extremely fun and capable WD mask, properly built TGR can put TIki wielders to shame with Crowd Control or leave Pet builds in the dust with a Creeping Doom of dogs, fetishes, 15 Spider Queens and 8 Lob Blobs :D.

JMAC Torment 6 video:

Aeternae Torment 6 video:

Q: How much damage do the mimics do?

They do *almost* 100% of the WD damage.

This includes buffs (PtV, BBV, GF) and debuffs (MC, Piranhas), +% elite, +% elemental.
One exception: +% skill does not transfer to the mimics (so don't bother with the likes of +% Spiders)

Damage is calculated based on minimum weapon damage number.

For example:
A Knife+Mojo combo has a damage range of 1556-2248
The mimics will always use 1556.

WD average weapon damage: (1556-2249)/2 = 1902
Mimics weapon damage: 1556

In this case, the mimics do on average about 82% of the WD damage.

To maximize mimics damage - look for high minimum damage on both weapon and mojo.

Q: What's the deal with DoTs?

The Grin Reaper Mimics do not have any of the hard caps on the WD dot's. This means you can have as many Spider Queens, Lob Blobs, Pyrogists, and Phantasm as the Mimics can cast.

Exception: each mimic will only have one Manitou and it will go away when the mimic goes away.

Haunt: The Mimics will cast haunt once on a single target, the DoT seems to go away when the Mimic goes away.

Q: Do the Mimics benefit from Attack Speed?

Reported by Myrec

Mimics attack speed is determined by your weapon attack speed. They don't benefit from attack speed bonus from gear.

Q: Can the mimics cast any attack?

They will not cast any of the following attacks -

Zombie Dogs
Fetish Army
Zombie Wall
Big Bad Voodoo
Locust Swarm
Firebats *

Q: How are the mimics summoned, what is the best way to have them always up?

Mimics have a chance to be summoned per cast, this means the Fire Bats are the best, Rain of Toads is second best and everything else is pretty much the same. More attack speed helps!

Yes, you have to attack to summon.

Q: Can the Mimics Proc Crowd Control?

Yes, they can proc CC from the following attacks -

Mass Confusion
Snake on the Face (perma stun a rift guardian)
Addling Toads

Q: Can they proc debuffs?

They can proc damage debuff from the following attacks, multiple casts will stack -

Mass Confusion

Note: that means you can have three MC and three Piranhas stacked at the same time for a nice big multiplier.

Q: Can they proc buffs?

No, They can cast Horrify and Soul Harvest but the WD will not get the Armor or Intel boost. They will also not buff mana regen or life per second.

Q: Can they proc effects from weapon and items?

In general no. The only item that seems to work with them is Frostburn gloves, the mimics can proc the freeze effect using cold attacks or using a cold weapon with any attack (i.e Rain of Toads).

Cinkrement confirmed that the following do not proc:
strongarm braces, deadly rebirth, spider queens grasp, haunt of vaxo, goldskin

Q: Do passives transfer to the Mimics?

No, Passives such as Vision Quest, FS, Creeping Death and Bad Medicine do not transfer to the Mimics.

Q: What's the deal with Fire Bats?

Mimics seem to be able to cast Fire Bats but they will not deal any damage. Maybe a bug?

Q: Do mimics benefit from Big Bad Voodoo?

Only Slam Dance will boost them, they will actually get boosted twice if summoned after BBV is out for a total of 30%+30%=60% damage boost (as long as the WD stays in the BBV ring). They don't seem to benefit from the attack speed boost.

Q: Are mimics considered pets?

Yes, mimics are considered temporary pets and benefit from pets buff items such as Enforcer, Zuni 6p and TNT gloves.
#10 - June 13, 2014, 7:09 a.m.
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Really sweet post with great information about a nice build a lot of Witch Doctors may not be aware of. I found a Grin Reaper while leveling, and completely underestimated it's potential. I'll be hanging on to it if I find another one after seeing this. Great work!